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On our ranch we have Corriedale and registered Romney sheep. There will be breeding stock available later on this year along with processed wool.

Corriedale have a long life span and are hardy and evenly balanced all over the body. Corriedales are docile, easy-care mothers with high fertility. They adapt well to a wide range of climate conditions. Corriedales produce a thick-stapled, bulky fleece that is popular with spinners and can be used for a range of handspun garments, even soft enough for baby clothes. The Corriedale fleece is a bright white with good crimp, soft handle, and is very even.

The Romney is in general an open-faced breed with long wool that grows over the legs in full.  A Romney may have either a colored or white fleece.  We have both here at Disdero Ranch.  Romneys produce a heavy fleece of medium coarseness.  A healthy mature ram can yield at shearing upwards of 10 kg per year.  The Romney fleece is highly valued for hand-spinning and felting and is often recommended to beginners.

We process our raw wool into rovings, batts, and yarn and will have a good selection of both white and natural colors.  For more information, contact us.

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